Jelle van Gosliga | Frieslandpop UX UI


I was asked to design the new website for FrieslandPop. FrieslandPop is an organization dedicated to promote and stimulate the local musical and creative scene in the North of the Netherlands.

The website has a wide array of functions, ranging from a simple news-system and agenda to a more complex profile-based database for musicians and another database for relevant documentation for said musicians.
All had to be easy to use and accessible and, of course, had to look good.

The design was based of a wide color palette, combined with basic shapes to make different patterns.

The website has different sections recurring on multiple pages. Those sections have a fixed designs, consisting of a color palette and patterns. All the section are being separated by horizontal headers.

The homepage offers a cross section of a large part of the website:
A snippet of the news, agenda and social media plus newly uploaded media. To keep things organized, the page is divided into equal horizontal parts.

The different pages have a different combination of the color palet and patterns to be easy distinguishable.

The websites offers local creators to create small profiles where they can showcase their work and link to relevant social media.

Poster campaign designed with the new identity.